A/B Testing Idea #189 - Display groups of testimonials rather than just one solitary testimonial

Tactic_Display groups of testimonials rather than just one solitary testimonial


It's always better to display multiple testimonials together rather than just one on its own. Firstly, your customers will be much more likely to feel confident in these testimonials if there are more than one of them on which to rely and a more solid impression of your product will be formed. Also, it's a more effective way of showcasing your testimonials as people have a tendency to take an average from a grouping like this rather than to look too closely at each individual one.

Therefore, your less positive testimonials will be brought up in estimation through being grouped with your best, most positive ones.

Studies have shown that when we're presented with a group of objects which might be made up of a mix of negative and positive aspects we have a tendency to attribute the positive aspects to the whole group, meaning we are more likely to take away an overall positive impression. This means your customers will both be impressed by the numerous testimonials you have and, at the same time, be likely to only take away the positive aspects of any of those testimonials.


  • Cheerleader Effect (Walker & Vul, 2013)

The Research

Cheerleader Effect

The Cheerleader Effect is the way in which individual items become more attractive to us when presented in a group.

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