A/B Testing Idea #264 - Do not shy away from mentioning some fall backs

Tactic_Do not shy away from mentioning some fall backs


On most websites, negative reviews or drawbacks are invisible while on others (e.g. Amazon), those are clearly displayed alongside the pros. Believe it or not, but hiding your drawbacks is not the solution because your customers will go search for reviews about your product on other websites or will simply not trust you because you are not impartial. But you can also use your drawbacks to show your benefits. For example say, "we don't have this option X because we have chosen to focus on this Y option to best meet your needs."

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Psychological Reactance (Brehm, 1966)
  • Information Bias (Baron; Beattie & Hershey, 1988)

The Research

Psychological Reactance

Psychological Reactance is something that occurs when we feel like our choices or behavioural freedoms are being restricted or taken away.

Information Bias

The tendency to seek out information, thinking that it will lead us to make a better decision, even when that information is of no real help.

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