A/B Testing Idea #203 - Enable the possibility to checkout as a guest, without needing to create an account

Tactic_Enable the possibility to checkout as a guest, without needing to create an account


Your customers will appreciate having the choice of when to register on your website as this induces the positive feeling of having the autonomy to influence the purchasing process. T

his also gives them the option of speeding up the entire payment process as research has shown that people associate negative emotions with spending money and can be put off from completing a purchase very easily. Giving them the option to make the payment process as quick and easy as possible will help ensure it is more often completed.


  • Autonomy bias (Deci, 1971; Ryan, 2008)
  • Pain of Paying (Prelec & Loewenstein, 1998)

The Research

Autonomy bias

We prefer situations that we have control over.

Pain of Paying

The Pain of Paying explains how the act of paying reduces the pleasure of our purchase and that this “pain of paying” is affected by both the timing between payment and consumption and by the mode of payment.

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