A/B Testing Idea #92 - Indicate your primary Call-to-action twice or more

Tactic_Indicate your primary Call-to-action twice or more


It is almost always better to display your Call-to-Action (CTA) as a button rather than a simple link as it will both attract your user's attention and make it clear that it is a CTA ready to be clicked on.

What's more, it's a good idea to not just display your primary CTA once on a page but twice or even multiple times. Of course, having it displayed more than once will increase the likelihood of people noticing it and there not being any issue of the CTA simply being "missed". By offering the CTA to people at different moments (at the top of the page and right at the bottom after they've scrolled down perhaps) you increase the chance that it is available at the time a visitor feels most inclined to act; perhaps they weren't ready to go through to the next step when they first arrived on the page but will be after reading its contents.

By placing a duplicate CTA at the bottom of the screen you are making it easy for them to click rather than needing to scroll back up, look for the button again, etc.

Studies also show that people react more positively towards stimuli that they have already been exposed to as it becomes somewhat familiar and we are more likely to engage with the familiar. So showing the CTA button twice or more will allow for this bias to occur and increase your chances that they end up clicking.


  • Mere-exposure Effect (Fechner, 1875; Zajonc, 1960)
  • Attentional bias (Bradley & al., 1996; Buodo & al., 2002; Pessoa & Ungerleider, 2004; Vuilleumier, 2005)

The Research

Mere-exposure Effect

The Mere-exposure Effect is the way in which a positive reaction can be induced simply from familiarity with something.

Attentional bias

Attentional bias is the way in which human beings notice and pay much more attention to things that touch us emotionally.

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