A/B Testing Idea #326 - Make your menus responsive for mobile

Tactic_Make your menus responsive for mobile


It is important these days to ensure your website is mobile responsive. When designing the interface for this though, it is advisable to use one-window drilldowns. That is to say, present each section of content on a full page, and when the user clicks on an option, let the new content take over the full space of the window too. This eases navigation by keeping your user's journey through your site clean and accessible and also means that you can display content effectively in the small space offered.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda


  • Aesthetic-Usability Effect (Bloch, 1983; Donald Norman, 2002)
  • Processing Efficacy (Jacoby & Dallas, 1981)

The Research

Aesthetic-Usability Effect

Aesthetic designs are perceived as easier to use than less-aesthetic designs, and are more likely to be purchased regardless of functionality.

Processing Efficacy

We tend to prefer things that are simple for us to understand or use.

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