A/B Testing Idea #320 - Mention the location of your physical store

Tactic_Mention the location of your physical store


One of the biggest issues for making sales online can be the lack of security some shoppers associate with online eCommerce sites. Therefore, if you also have physical stores, it can be very effective to mention them clearly on your site. Having an "our shops" tab will immediately increase the level of trust that your customers have in your brand and will increase the likelihood of them feeling confident enough to make purchases from your site. In fact, when the level of security appears heightened in this way, people are more likely to take even larger risks than normal and so might make more purchases or opt for a more expensive model or payment plan that they would have otherwise.


  • Risk Compensation (Peltzman, 1975)

The Research

Risk Compensation

Risk Compensation explains a tendency for humans to take greater risks when perceived safety increases.

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