A/B Testing Idea #60 - Offer cross-selling

Tactic_Offer cross-selling


Cross-selling is an effective way of increasing sales by proposing related products to your customers when they are in the process of viewing or purchasing something. For example, these might be accessories (such as displaying anti-virus software, carry cases, etc. when someone is buying a computer) or otherwise related products (books by the same author, products from the same brand, etc.).

People are always looking for guidance and like to follow the behaviour of their peers, especially if hesitating on a choice, so introducing these cross-sells with "customers who bought this product also bought" or "people who viewed this item also looked at" etc. can have a strong influence on the likelihood of your customers following these recommended items.

The fact that the products you're suggesting seem tailored to the customer and their needs will also increase their engagement and, showing them at this pertinent moment will increase the willingness to buy.

Indeed, studies have shown that making the decision to purchase a first initial item makes us more inclined to then buy additional items as we have a desire to justify our initial decision and to remain consistent with it.


  • Salience Effect (Guido, 2001; Spool, 2002; Harwood; Raman; Hewstone, 2006)
  • Commitment and Consistency (Cialdini, 1984)

The Research

Salience Effect
The Salience Effect is the way in which we are more drawn to those things that are the most relevant for us at any particular moment and we will not only notice but retain information about these salient elements more easily.

Commitment and Consistency

Once we have publicly committed to something or someone, then we are more likely to carry through and deliver on that commitment in order to be consistent.

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