A/B Testing Idea #52 - Offer the option to register through social media

Tactic_Offer the option to register through social media


Statistics show that 1 in 4 customers abandon a purchase if they are forced to register for an account first.

Today people feel like they have too many accounts and so one way of streamlining this and making it much easier for them is by allowing them the option of registering through an existing social media account.

Simply adding your account to the one they already have and use frequently for social media is a much quicker and simpler process and they know they won't have to worry about filling in lots of details or remembering another password so they are much more likely to continue on with the process and ultimately make that purchase.


  • Autonomy bias (Deci, 1971; Ryan, 2008)

The Research

Autonomy bias

We prefer situations that we have control over.

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