A/B Testing Idea #115 - Offer your very own method of paying or currency

Tactic_Offer your very own method of paying or currency


Using a custom currency (credits, points, etc.) will reduce the pain of paying (the negative feelings associated with spending money). Indeed, research has shown that the act of paying really disrupts the pleasure of an experience and that the more obvious, tangible or transparent the payment is, the less we enjoy making purchases and the more likely we might be to back out. By using a currency that is not associated with "real" money, customers will have a different perception of price and payment. The figure itself is likely to be smaller (as in the above drawing, where customers are seeing the number "10" instead of "40") which immediately makes the price seem smaller and customers are unlikely to take the time to properly calculate the real equivalent price.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Pain of Paying (Prelec & Loewenstein, 1998)

The Research

Pain of Paying

The Pain of Paying explains how the act of paying reduces the pleasure of our purchase and that this “pain of paying” is affected by both the timing between payment and consumption and by the mode of payment.

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