A/B Testing Idea #145 - Provide the option of enlarging product pictures

Tactic_Provide the option of enlarging product pictures


If the primary selling feature of your product is visual, you should provide the possibility of enlarging or zooming in on the image so that the customer can see the product in more detail, as they would be able to if they were buying something in store.

Customers prefer to have as much information as possible on the product they want to buy in order to feel as though they are making well-informed decisions and will therefore be more likely to follow through with the purchase.

Visual elements can often be much more effective than text alone and so the more detail in which they can see the product, the better information they will feel they have and the more likely they are to buy it.


  • Information Bias (Baron; Beattie & Hershey, 1988)

The Research

Information Bias

The tendency to seek out information, thinking that it will lead us to make a better decision, even when that information is of no real help.

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