A/B Testing Idea #280 - Separate your form into smaller sections

Tactic_Separate your form into smaller sections


When you want someone to complete a form, it is best not to discourage them by presenting that form in one large block that will immediately seem dense, unclear and long. By separating your form into smaller sections you make it not only visually more pleasing and cleaner but give the impression of a few small things that need filling out, which will seem less daunting than one large thing. People will see there are only a few fields to complete for the first section and so will start that automatically - then, once they have completed this, they will feel compelled to keep filling out the following sections of the form to complete what they have started.


  • Processing Efficacy (Jacoby & Dallas, 1981)
  • Foot-in-the-door Technique (FITD) (Freedman & Fraser, 1966)

The Research

Processing Efficacy

We tend to prefer things that are simple for us to understand or use.

Foot-in-the-door Technique (FITD)

FITD is a technique whereby you first work on getting a small yes to then hopefully get an even bigger one.

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