A/B Testing Idea #198 - Show a progress bar

Tactic_Show a progress bar


Displaying a progress bar is a great visual way to help users follow their progress in the purchase process and will not only stimulate their desire to continue to the end of the process but also gives an important sense of closure once it is completed.

People will become more invested and interested in a task if they can see clearly the steps they need to take before it is finished and they will stay focused on your progress bar as encouragement for completing their order. Having this sense of direction helps to assist easy cognitive functioning and also the visual closure at the end is proven to help customers feel more satisfied with the purchase they've made.

Inspired by Nick Kolenda 


  • Choice Closure (Gu; Botti & Faro, 2013; Johnson, 2007)
  • Zeigarnik Effect (Zeigarnik, 1920)

The Research

Choice Closure

Choice Closure is a concept that describes how being able to complete a physical act of closure after making a choice helps the decision-maker to be much more satisfied with their choice.

Zeigarnik Effect

Incomplete tasks stick in your mind more than ones you have completed.

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