A/B Testing Idea #149 - Suggest complimentary products at the check-out

Tactic_Suggest complimentary products at the check-out


Cross-selling is a good way of increasing the user's basket before they complete the purchase. When a user is in the checkout process, it is a good time to display other products that may interest them.

Display these products below the main content and add the title: "You may also be interested in:" to grab their attention. At this stage, the user has already committed to buying from you and you increase the probability of selling them a higher number of products. Make sure that the products suggested are related to the product they are buying. 

An example of this is travel companies such as Expedia, Booking, Easyjet cross-selling car rental during the checkout process.


  • Salience Effect (Guido, 2001; Spool, 2002; Harwood; Raman; Hewstone, 2006)
  • Commitment and Consistency (Cialdini, 1984)

The Research

Salience Effect
The Salience Effect is the way in which we are more drawn to those things that are the most relevant for us at any particular moment and we will not only notice but retain information about these salient elements more easily.

Commitment and Consistency

Once we have publicly committed to something or someone, then we are more likely to carry through and deliver on that commitment in order to be consistent.

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