A/B Testing Idea #125 - Utilize your customer's details to customize your content offering

Tactic_Utilize your customer's details to customize your content offering


Your customer will feel more involved in and connected with your content if you make use of their name to give it a personalised touch.

A natural tendency we experience is "implicit egotism", which means that by incorporating your reader's name, you will trigger a positive emotion and enhance their perception of your message - especially when sending out directed messages in the form of email blasts.

Big brands such as Starbucks Coffee or Coca-Cola even put the names of their clients on their products (coffee cups or Coca-Cola bottles) so that their clients immediately feel more connected with the brand.


  • Social Cognition (Pelham; Carvallo & Jones, 2003)

The Research

Social Cognition

Social Cognition explains the way that most people associate positively with themselves and therefore tend to prefer things that are connected to them.

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